Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Early exterior concepts

We bought the house through the previous owner without the house actually being for sale. It had been off the market for quite a while just sitting. With the help of our neighbor and local modern realtor, Susan Rissover, we were able to catch the owner while in town and make an offer. He had left the house and moved to Las Vegas, leaving family to take care of the house. Nonetheless, initially I wasn't too interested in the house when we first looked at it, there was a lot of work to do. But really it came down to that this was the only modern in town we could afford. The school district is decent, the neighborhood is outstanding, and we are within City of Cincinnati limits.
The Beige & Forest green trim really puts off the curb appeal for me. The first thing I did in thinking about what it could be was the color scheme. These images were done by me cartooning it up in Photoshop in a quick exercise about a month before we bought the house. I came across them while going through old images for this blog and was amused. Wendy and I both like the maroon & grey. The house originally was that typical dark mid century maroon like the house next door before it was 'Gened up'.
The existing maroon painted wood facias have been overlayed by the beige aluminum trim. Good for the house and the underlying aging wood, but bad on aesthics. Was this beige and green thing something cool back in the late 80's and early 90's? The current intent as we start to work on painting this spring is for a dark warm grey color overall w/ light grey trim on the concrete facia and soffit. The concrete facia's and soffit were another attrubute typified in Dombar homes. Ours could use some patching before its painted for sure. Perhaps we'll go back to the maroon idea at some point. There's a lot of prepwork before we can begin priming.

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