Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Modern Bonanza

With the influx of some fellow regional mid century modern fanatics descending on this weekends 20th Cincinnati Show, it dawned upon me about a week prior that we could put in a little elbow grease and plan a little more fun to go along with the show. Susan & Arlen Rissover of graciously opened the doors of their prominent mid century modern abode Saturday night to local CF3 members; Atlanta Northcrest moddies, including the folks at Home Sweet Split Level (now on the Blog List!), and Indianapolis moddies, including Atomic Indy.

Susan & Arlen's collection of modernism is outstanding and thorough, adding a heavy punctuation mark to the already manicured house. To quote Baz's tweet, "transcending from digital connections to real life handshakes" was a delight for all in attendance. Huge thanks to the Rissovers for their generosity. Wendy made her way around the house to catch a few shots of the house. This is the living space next to the dining and kitchen areas, all part of one large space.

Looking back into the Kitchen.

Susan even made some fab Aalto Savoy cookies.

The PH5 anchors the dining space.

The main family room filled with modern bloggers.

Day 2 we opened our doors to fellow Indianapolis moddies and toured our small inventory of mid century moderns here in our neighborhood Paddock Hills before grabbing some grub at our local MCM Chinese restaurant. Then we ventured on a small driving tour of some Mid Century moderns along our route to 20th Century Cincinnati show. The first photo is of a Woodie Garber designed home in Amberley

We toured through Amberley Village and Wyoming, a couple of suburban hoods spotted with moderns. This second one is in Amberley Village, architect unknown to me.

Beautiful stone work and form on this modern in Amberley Village, architect unknown to me.

Abe Dombar in Amberley Village.

Usonian style Tonkins Residence by Frank Lloyd Wright in Amberley Village. Gotta love the integral glass block and red driveway.

Detail shot of the main entry.

Modern in Amberley Village, architect unknown to me.

Jim Alexander Residence, see here for more on this house in Wyoming.

Modern in Wyoming, architect unknown to me.

Nice California Mid Century Modern in Wyoming. I've been in this house and its amazing and simple, architect unknown to me.

Simple Eichler style modern in Wyoming, architect unknown to me.

Another Wyoming modern, most likely a Dombar.

Modern in Wyoming, architect unknown to me.

Modern in Wyoming, could be a Dombar, but not sure.

Modern in Wyoming, architect unknown to me.

Last but not least another little modern in Wyoming.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

20th Century Cincinnati Show 2010

Whether you're looking to add that signature modern piece to your furniture collection or just like drooling over a plethora of modernism, Cincinnati's annual Mid Century Modern furniture is a must for anyone within a 300 mile radius. From jewelery to pottery to fashion to furniture and modern houses, 30's Deco to Pop, even if you're not shopping, the show serves as a great exhibit of many regional MCM dealers and their collections. $7 gets you in the door for both days and this years special exhibit is Higgins glass. New this year is also a guide to vintage modern design to what to expect at the show.
We have been going to this show since it was held at Union Terminal 'back in the day' as we say. There is no shortage of vintage, quality furniture at the show. Typically we have to establish an allowance before walking in the door. The following is some of our previous scores from the show:

2 Eames Aluminum Group chairs, our first 20th Century Cincinnati purchase.

White Eames Fiberglass Armshell, originally on a swivel base, but improvised with Modernica rocker.

4 Bertoia Side Chairs in brown with green seat pads.

1 Butterscotch Eames Fiberglass Side Shell, don't mind the construction in the background

2 Salmon colored low bullet planters, desperately waiting to go back outside this spring.

4 Russel Woodard Sculptura high back wire mesh chairs.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got Snow?

Although we didn't get hit by the storm as bad as the East Coast, we ended up with about 3" of slushy ice & snow as of late this morning. I had always wanted to get some shots of a the house after a fresh snowfall prior to us getting out and tromping around and messing with the perfectly smooth white blanket. The snow adds a nice touch to the mid century exterior furnishings around the house.