Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thrift Store Scores - Lane Tables

A couple weekends ago, I came across these two 'fraternal' twin Lane end tables at a local thrift store. They are fraternal because one of them has been refinished with Formica on top (doh!), the other is original. Lane has made some pretty nice Danish style pieces in their day. The chair and bullet planter next to the tables are future craigslist 'for sale' items. Our 'under construction' studio, with freshly repaired flat roof, has become a temporary storage room as we continue to work outside.

These two are very delicate in appearance with a ladder style rack for magazines. The legs have an exposed round peg mortise and tenon detail along with the exposed dowel connection on the rack to the legs. The top has rounded corners and a reverse bevel edge, the legs are tapered, a very Danish inspired overall aesthetic. For a mere $6 a piece we are thinking to maybe use them in the baby's room along side our Ikea couch.


  1. cool, my folks had a lane coffee table. my intro to MCM?

    got me thinking about the old-school tv cabinets with the stereo inside. hmmm.

  2. Lou I saw an old MCM, very swank Zenith Stereo cabinet (no tv) at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. Hopefully a fellow Mid Century Modernist picked it up.