Sunday, October 4, 2009

Modern House Numbers

Our new house numbers are in fresh from the metal fabricator! As a component of our 'Curb Appeal' project, we decided to abandon the surface applied 'italized font' brass numbers and do something more creative. My inspiration for our new numbers came from our local Porter Paints up the street. Their MCM showroom has some cool three dimensional numbers hanging off the edge of their flat roof facing Reading Road. We also love the DWR Neutra font house numbers. Unable to pair up our four numbers on the cheap at a DWR Warehouse sale, I looked to a couple of online resources.

Really 4" tall numbers don't do it for me, I wanted something a bit larger scale. Having our four numbers done 8" tall in neutra font from was far to expensive for us. I decided to draw up what I wanted and see what it would cost to have it locally custom fabricated. Experimenting in AutoCAD with many scales and thicknesses along with full scale printouts really helped me visualize the proportions and size appropriate for our house. After a quick PDF sketch to my metal fabricator the quote came back very reasonable, when could they be done?

A week later they were done, made from solid hot rolled steel, they are hefty to say the least. Each numbers is connected to the top mounting plate with a 3/8" dowel rod. Each number is 8-1/4" tall, 1/2" thick, and 1" deep. The top plate is 1/4" thick and 3/4" wide and will be mounted to the bottom edge of the fascia of our flat roof. Most likely they will end up to the far left of the front door aligned with the brick wall. Close to the mail chute, they will cast a nice shadow on the brick at the end of the day. Next stop for the numbers is for a clear powder coating and then mounting, material ripe for another blog post, stay tuned.


  1. sweet!

    looking forward to seeing the niland house on tuesday with cf3- should be good!

  2. I plan on being there, it's a gem.

  3. Totally digging the house numbers. Can't wait to see the install.

    Keep on rock'n it out.



  4. The numbers were made by Deluco Architectural Metals, same place did our new railing. They are located over in Western Hills.