Sunday, May 23, 2010

Atomic Crash Party 6 - Indianapolis

A recent invitation from Baz of Atomic Indy to travel out and attend an Atomic Crash Party has been fullfilled. Last weekend Cincinnati Modernation made the short trek to Indianapolis to tour this jewel of a modern in addition to touring Atomic Indy's MCM ranch and also driving by some local MCMs. Before we begin, I must hand out many thanks to Baz, the homeowners, the Cohen family, and Indianapolis modern citizens for their welcome hospitality.

The main subject at hand is a white post and beam special set in a deeply wooded lot. It's obvious on arrival there certainly is no shortage of posts nor beams. The open repeating structure frames a horizontal screen wall leaving one bay void for the axial entry. The screen wall encloses a large outdoor courtyard on one side of the entry, a higher garage volume to the left. The ultra thin horizontal profile of the roof floats above the beams minimally and can be seen following through the entire house.

The architectural theme here is transparency and privacy. While the house is enclosed on one portion of almost floor the ceiling glass, the house retains an exceptional level of privacy. Continuity of the post and beam-athon runs throughout the house, thanks to the homeowners removing many 'enclosing' walls. They have been in the house for quite some time, with many additions and refinements to the house along the way all done by them. A huge portion of the interior is built-in millwork with very little consumer furnishings.

The style of the built-ins are very unique with a Wrightian influence. Inside the floors are white, the walls are white, the millwork is natural wood, and the ceiling's exposed wood finish runs continually from outside in. Visual connections run from one end of the house to the other, complete with a social bathroom configuration. At the front door a gravel planting bed recessed into the floor runs from outside to in. There are two twin bedrooms for the children near the main entry, both feature custom hanging bed and built-ins galore.

Back outside and at the back of the house the layout comes together with the full view across the back of this 3,800 sq ft modern. The homeowner's work can be seen in full effect with all the terraced geometric landscape work. Although still in progress, there's plans for a waterfall feature with retaining pool. The concrete work for the upper part of the waterfall is complete, as you may have read in past posts I'm a huge fan of concrete landscaping work. I may have to make another trip to see the waterfall up and running.

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