Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Flat Mid Century Modern Roof arrives

Earlier this week, the new roof arrived in the form of many materials loaded up on a crane truck. We've had a very rainy Spring and early Summer which has delayed the roof start by a couple of weeks. I'm patient to wait for good craftmanship. When the call came and the truck showed up, a sweet sigh of relief started to take hold. The anxiety of flat leaky ponding roof causes a little stress, for me anyway. To the left you can see a pretty nice load of materials, most of it consisting of the rubber membrane rolls, tapered insulation, and lots of miscellaneous roofing materials on pallettes.

The kids in the cul de sac got to witness delight as the crane extended its arm and started lifting and dropping. First came a heavy load of the 3/4" T&G plywood. I was at Lowes the other day picking up concrete form wood and saw this stuff was $20 a sheet, sheet is right. The weight of the plywood is too much for the roof, so it will reside on the driveway.

The heaviest materials going on the roof are the rolls of EPDM rubber, as roofer lingo goes, 10 squares. A square being a 10' x 10' area of roofing material. It was funny as the roofer said they're going to put the heavy material on the load bearing walls, we only have one loading bearing wall on the upper floor. That's the way it goes with expansive space I guess.

I decided to get up on the roof to get some better perspective. There are some remains of the water ponding the roof company workers swept off. Finally it wasn't me sweeping the roof off. Hopefully I'll forget I ever did soon.

Here's a shot of a few pallettes of tapered insulation. Although very light, this is the key to the success positive drainage of our new roof.

A last look at the super swank 3-Dimensional
shingles on the sloped section of the roof. You can see the large saw the roofers are going to use while stripping the existing roof by the chimney and the many gallons of membrane adhesive. The materials are about half the cost of the roof to give some perspective.

Truck empty and ready to ship out. We are about to dig in to the largest project ever here at Westminster. Looks like Tuesday will be the official day to start, the weather forecast looks clear for the next few days after that.

Here's a last look at the roof loaded up from the street. We are getting a lot of enthusiast feedback from passerbys in the neighborhood. A
s I have declared a moratorium on any interior work until the roof is done and not leaking, I couldn't help myself and decided to pour some more concrete landscape work, more later. Be sure to check out more updates of current goings ons around Westminster on CincinnatiModernation's facebook page.

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  1. Glad the materials made it in safely. Thanks for the photo - keep them coming! We are especially interested in the tapered insulation installation, as we'll need that done on our roof as well.