Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mid Century Modern Curb Appeal - Summer Plantings

Since fall is pretty much here as of the low 50's we woke up to this morning, its time to take a look at the landscaping efforts near fruition. Last we looked last Spring, we had started with the bed to the far right of the house, near the new screen wall. In front of the porch, we lost interest in our short lived bulb garden once things were done flowering.

After digging all the bulbs and sorting them for storage and future relocation, Wendy and I choose 7 plants to fill the rectalinear area. Not really knowing what we wanted permanently, we choose mostly annuals to drop a dash of color in front of the dark gray house. The new walkway pads now have fresh soil in between and some initial new grading around them.

In our newest poured planting bed, we got to work immediately after the concrete was cured. This area receives way more sun giving us more options for plants. Our main requisite for all our plantings was vibrant flowering color.

A look at the two landscape beds together. The Impatients do a great job filling in around the gray planter we got from a DWR warehouse sale.

A view of the previously completely plantings filling in nicely. The linear arrangement of the plants helps emphasize the horizontal lines of the house. I can't help but be geometric.

This post is a bit of the time capsule, here the roofing materials had just been delivered and the 'Gene it up' beige roofline is still intact. Regardless, this is a nice overall view of the landscape progress. More grading has since been completed to blend the concrete into the grass. The roof is almost done and we've been installing the remediated fascia boards recently. We'll take a look at those changes shortly.


  1. Dig the planting. But. Where's the Preway?

  2. These photos were pre-Preway. Kinda a time capsule post.