Saturday, February 26, 2011

20th Century Cincinnati - Day 1

Checking in live from the CF3 table, this year's show is packed to gills with modernists. Being next to the entry, I am witnessing a steady stream of purchases going out the front door. I wanted to highlight some of the local vendors representing Cincinnati. To the left CF3's modest table.
Susan Rissover from
Cincinnati Modern has a plethora of modern properties for sale.

The Fisks from Mainly Art never disappoint, how many Eames chairs can you fit in one booth?

Design Smith Gallery's booth.

The guys from Atomic Style Home have an amazing Jere-esque wall sculpture headlining their booth this year.

If you need to add to your art collection, there's no shortage of Charley Harper work. Be sure to stop by the Harper Art Studio booth and grab a Ford Times print before they are all gone.

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