Sunday, November 1, 2009

Modern House Numbers . . Installed

This past Friday I picked up our house numbers after a small delay in getting them powder coated in clear. A little more weekend rain proved a wet morning on Saturday, a perfect delay of painting intentions, yet allowing some house number installation. My intent was to fasten the numbers, weighing in at 9lbs, directly into the original redwood fascia board. Aligned with the brick edge of the house of the left side, they will anchor the long visual flat line of the roof, and also cast a contrasting shadow onto the brick wall.

Currently the original redwood fascia boards, painted the original MCM maroon, are covered up by a 'Gene it up' special of beige aluminum break metal. We plan on tackling the process of removing all this aluminum trim, which goes all the way around our flat roof, and repainting the original redwood next spring. I'm sure there's a reason they covered the original painted redwood up and since finding our flat roof leak in the studio demolition, we've had our fill of MCM discoveries for this year.

To begin the installation my first step was to cut out the aluminum trim to expose the bottom of the original redwood fascia to directly mount the numbers. Using some large snips, balance, and patience I was able to get a decently straight cut. I clamped the numbers to the roof and proceeded to very carefully drill the first pilot hole. I was able to avoid splitting the 3/4" wide redwood, and actually the area I was working in looking in fairly decent shape underneath the aluminum trim.

The numbers have 3 mounting holes spaced evenly along the mounting plate, all between the numbers. I put one 2" #10 screw in and it alone held the hefty numbers. Swinging the numbers away from the house I was able to cleanly drill the other two pilot holes thanks to my large wooden clamps. A couple screws later, viola, modern house numbers installed, looking nice with the brushed finish.

I should mention we've made some other progress on our curb appeal work. The form work for the concrete landscape walls has been pulled and we've graded the dirt within. We have since finished priming the front of the house and mocked up the block for our screen wall on the side of the house. Fall is definitely in full effect as the leaves have blanketed our Mid Century world. We have been trying to bust out some major progress before moving inside for the winter indoor work.

The rest of the photos are from various angles capturing a snapshot of where we currently are, starting to look a lot different than when we bought the place. Having dedicated areas for landscape is exciting. Today we are going to start applying the dark grey paint and getting some bulbs moved around in the new landscape trays. We probably ought to rake some leaves at some point as well. . . .


  1. Lookin' good -- you'll def. have to post a shot of the shadow the numbers will cast on the wall. I'm also excited to see the block screen wall on the side of the house.

  2. I love the numbers installed where they are. What a fantastic idea!

    That would be a good alternative for us living rural. Though we have large numbers hung at the end of our driveway (on a large post), people constantly complain that they can't find the house numbers. We had plans to install some on the house as well, but I don't think that would alleviate the problem. Maybe installed at roofline level they'd be more noticeable. A great idea anyway.

    Love the look of your house too. Has the look and feel of a Frank Lloyd Wright to me.

  3. Digging it all the way down. Agree with Troy on all points.



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