Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mid Century Modern Nursery

We were not sleeping well. At seven months, our newest modern arrival was way overdue for his own room. Most families have their baby nursery done a month before they are born, right? The problem is we have been playing musical rooms so we could remodel one space at a time. The difficulties in renovating a MCM and raising a family in parallel are cumbersome. One must approach strategically with guerilla tactics whether it be in late night or temporary displacement.

A few weeks ago, in the midst of painting the front of the house, we had a few rainy weekends, one of which included the older little one going to grandma's for an overnighter. Add on a pack-n-play for the baby to sleep in overnight in his sister's room and we had the recipe for a full day and late evening to swap rooms. First we had to consolidate and downsize the 'office' room enough to accommodate our king size bed and other bedroom furniture. Next, we could move the baby into and accessorize the nursery with the many collected items.

Having already refinished this room before using it for our own bedroom, most of the heavy lifting was done. Our theme for the room is zoo animals based on the Dwell Studio bedding set. The Eames rocker is a must for bedtime rocking. The Target crib and changing table are on their second term of duty with Ava already having used these as a baby. It pays to go modern white with the kid furniture if you plan on having more than one. The Ikea sofa has been in the household for awhile as well as the simple shaker style wood dresser and tall Ikea lamp. The end tables are Lane thrift shop finds.

New additions to the room include installing the new, 'Skojig', overhead light, another Ikea special. Also we installed the curtain wire hardware and hung the Dwell Studio curtains. We mounted the colorful storage pods on the wall and added some wall decals that matched the bedding. We also decided to leave the Charlie Harper 'Skipping School' print in the nursery, as it complements the wall color and every kid needs to have a Harper print. One thing to note, although all our bedrooms are on are lower level, each bedroom has the large southeastern facing window to help brighten the space. Ever since the nursery has been complete, we all have been sleeping much better, sometimes through the entire night even.


  1. I love the nursery.
    Living in a loft apartment does not lend itself to restful nights (our son is almost a year old now and sleeping about 20ft away). I'm coveting the furniture, the Charlie Harper print, and the door to close!

    (Oh! And I love the house, too.)

  2. Thanks! We are definitely sleeping much better now that we can provide a dark quiet space for the little one.

  3. Awesome nursery, enter our National nursery contest in Cincinnati.

  4. what a wonderfully unique nursery. I love how you incorporated various elements. Where did you get the storage pods from?