Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CF3 Bellevue Park Cookout, Swap Meet, and Movie

Got some MCM goods hangin around the house that you feel like trading? Like barbeques? Want to watch some rare movie footage of the local Frank Lloyd Wright designed Tonkens Residence? Wanna check out one of the most swank park structures in town? This Saturday evening be sure to stop by Bellevue Park to join us for a CF3 cookout, MCM swap meet, and movie viewing. To the left is a photo of the cover of City Beat, a free local publication. Yours truly was interviewed and featured with two other CF3 co-founders for a great article highlighting the weekend event and talking modern preservation. Check the end of the article for a couple of my quotes.
Bellevue Park may be one of Cincinnati's most iconic Mid Century Modern park structures. The shelter was designed by R. Carl Freund in 1955. The structure and form has a clear Frank Lloyd Wright influence and a dramatic view of downtown Cincinnati.

So what more do you need? Clear out your spare room or space piled with modern goodies you know will never fit into your MCM motto, load them in the car/van/truck and enjoy a casual modern evening with a view while swapping for other MCM goodies. Be sure to check out the CF3 evite for more details.

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