Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid Century Modern Flat Replacement - Final Prep work

Maybe in a perfect world, all roofs would slope and trees would be spaced a good distance from any flat roofs. For us it's a normal world, a flat roof and a very large nearly 50 year old Pin Oak tree hovering above. Before investing in the new roof, part of our prep work was to trim some of the suspect and detrimental branches. We used the same tree people that cut down a couple of dying trees in our back yard a couple of years ago. One guy ties himself off throughout the tree, ties of branches, cuts and lowers them down. This left us with a mounding heap of branches to clean up and a truckload of thicker branches for firewood.

With the thankful cooperation of our MCM neighbors next door, we were able to team up on the tree work. I must convey a shout out to their generosity. In all the tree had 8 branches trimmed and is looking better than ever. To the left a little perspective on how tall this tree is compared to our house. Did I mention all this timming went down on the same day of the concrete pour? It gets exciting to have a couple of projects go down in a single day.

As of this evening, the roof tear off begins at 7am tomorrow morning. Our final bit of prep is interior oriented as we have to take expensive high efficiency light bulbs out of the ceiling fixtures and tape plastic over all the recessed fixtures. With all the shabangin going on during the roof demolition and installation, we are trying to be preventitive. Upcoming is some thermal infrared photography to see the difference between the existing and new roof constructions. Be sure to keep up with the roof progress sooner on my facebook fanpage. Go ahead and 'like' cincinnatimodernation on facebook while you're at it.

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