Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mid Century Modern Curb Appeal - Red Roof

And on the 9th day of roof work, we have the first reveal of our original house color, the color often used by Dombar, maroon/ red, similar to Wright's preference of Cherokee Red. While the roof membrane is now completely installed I have about 5 days of work to catch up to which will be featured in the next couple of posts. For now we're enjoying the lack of beige on the front of the house. We have some major work to do on the existing redwood fascia, more to come soon.


  1. Lookin' good. Staying tuned.



  2. What color do you plan to do the trim in because the maroon and gray look really good together?

  3. We're going with the dark grey for the roofline to match what we've painted. I want to keep the number of colors on the house to a minimum. Did you ever check out this: