Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ultimate Mid Century Modern Swap - Part 2

The MCM swap is complete. Upon returning from Indianapolis last night, a bit of patience was needed for the pouring rain to subside. Then I was finally able to construct our new Preway fireplace on our front porch. I have always drooled over having one of these to use outside for our outdoor firepit.

I have come close to buying a red one and a dark blue Malm brand one in the past, but this swap was one that I couldn't pass on. There were two major manufacturers of these types of Atomic style fireplaces, Malm and Preway. DWR is selling the Malm brand for $1,500, gulp. The Preway's on the other hand, are hit and miss, a google image search shows no shortage of eye candy.

I am still geeking out that we acquired a white one, color at it's purest, and for now a nice contrast to the dark grey color of the house. Many thanks to Baz over at Atomic Indy for the swap. I'm sure he was up all night placing his Maragret Wenstrup pieces in various configurations around his Atomic Ranch.

For the time being I'm really digging the dominant appearance it has from street view and the periscoping flue as it sits in front of the house. The fireplace came with all the necessary components to install indoors and vent through a wall or roof. I envision that we'll move the new firepit to our back patio area shortly. For the next few days. . . .the neighbors will just have to learn to like it.


  1. I think you did a very good swap and had fun doing too!

  2. That is really cool! Has it been refurbished or is that the original paint job? It looks so crisp.


  3. the neighbors are suitably jealous!
    looks great!

  4. The unit is completely original, insanely great condition. I think a fire is in store tonight.

  5. I'm a fan. We'll share a beer by the fireside this fall.



  6. We love it, currently inside being stored until I can find the right cover for it and clear out a spot out back.

  7.'s been a couple years since you posted this. Do you still have it? Do you still love it? Any tips for someone looking for one? Thanks!