Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Danish Wall Units

Lately, in the wake of the modern show, I've been dreaming of a Danish Wall unit for our new studio space and/or living room. Of course, the current roof leak in the 'yet to begin actual work studio space' means let's buy large pieces of art and gawk at large expensive pieces of furniture you can't afford, yet sometimes its nice to dream. More on the roof later. Scouring through some Ebay and Craigslist listings, there's a wide range of options to wet the appetite.

Honestly, I'd like to have a couple of smaller units for the bedrooms down the road, a large Danish piece would be perfect to replace our current Ikea entertainment center. The first and only corner unit is the only one I've seen has plenty of storage. The classic wall unit by George Nelson for Herman Miller would require a loan from the bank to purchase, it does look nice either way. One thing to consider is whether the unit will be freestanding, mount floor to ceiling, or mount floor to wall, all options are could be considered in our case. Most of these photos are either Ebay or Google images. The folks over at Gresham Butte Rummer just installed a Craigslist find in their modern, perhaps I could be so lucky as to find a nice Danish wall unit within a 300 mile radius, yes I would drive that far for one.

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