Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cincinnati Modernation turns 1

Wow, one year, 36 posts, and several projects later, Cincinnati Modernation hits its one year mark as of the beginning of April. Thanks to all my readers for showing kind support as we navigate our way through the trials and errors of home renovation. The original post that began Cincinnati Modernation can be found here for your reading amusement. Let's look back at a throwback round of photos from when we first moved in, almost 5 years ago.

The always framed photo of Wendy and I, sans kids, posing in front of our first house. Note the fake green shutters on the windows and the full effect green on beige in the background.

This shot of our dining area directly reflects our small apartment contents struggling to fill the space. Sorry, these totally awesome, errrr 'Gened Up' ceiling fans are no longer available. Glass block railing, carpet in the entry, and no color in the white space yet.

Red and white furniture color scheme long gone, what the heck is that bronze fabric hanging on our window? We did have slat blinds when we moved in, and promptly removed them, Gene be gone.

This place looks lonely, no art or photos. Wendy looks pretty stressed, watching TV on the floor. The ceiling lights must be giving her a headache, they sure do give me one just looking at this picture, the improved installation looks much better.

Alas a few months in, art collection in effect, and a trip to Ikea later, we were well on our way to modern living. The door to and wall to the studio being gone really opens the living area up even more.


  1. Ah, I remember when! Isn't it funny how all we saw was potential when most people would focus on the awful stuff.........Great job, Chris. You did me proud and saved a Cincinnati Modern!

  2. Happy birthday to one of our most favest Mid Century Mod blogs.

    Keep the god stuff flowin'.



  3. Well done! The place looks great.